The Loch Ness “Monster Swim”

August 13th, Loch Ness, Scotland

DSA are proud to be organising the management of this iconic event for leading swim holiday firm Swim Trek

Swim Location:

Held on the stunning Dores beach situated on the southern side of Loch Ness. It’s only a 20 minute drive from Inverness and you have views over the entire Loch from both the Start and Finish lines. Loch Ness holds a staggering more fresh water than all of the other lakes, in Great Britain combined! Not only is it the biggest but it has legendary story of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. What better place could there be for a wild swim?

Check out our Getting There Page for exact details of where the swim location is.

Race details & entry fees:

“Big Yin” (1 MILE SWIM) (£35)

The “Big Yin” is the 1 mile swim and is the longest swim of the day, heading out from Dores Beach towards the centre of the Loch before turning towards the Loch’s northern shore. Conditions can be challenging if there is a head wind blowing, from the prevailing south-west. The views down the Loch are awe-inspiring and the feeling of being alone even when you are swimming with others can be exhilarating.

“Wee Nessie” (½ MILE SWIM) (£25)

“Wee Nessie” is a ½ mile swim starting at Dores Beach and heading towards the centre of the Loch before we turn a right and aim towards the wooded forest of Dores Peninsula. It’s a challenging swim for the novice open water swimmer, but the views from the Loch are superb.

Who can enter?

Participants must be 16 or over to enter the Big Yin and 14 or over to enter Wee Nessie. We also suggest that if you are new to wild swimming, you attempt the “Wee Nessie” swim, a challenge in itself. Apart from that both events are open to anyone who is confident they can do the distance in open water.

Start times

Swimmers will set off in waves according to their swim speed. You will be sent the time of your wave closer to the event, but presume that you will be swimming sometime in the morning of Saturday 13th August.


The water temperature in Loch Ness in August can range between 10-15°C which will add to the challenge of this unique event but it does also mean that wetsuits are recommended.

As for the air temperature, Scotland is notorious for having four seasons in one day so be prepared but on average at this time of year you can expect temperatures of between 18- 21ºC.

Wetsuit Hire

Sailfish are offering wetsuit hire for the day with the chance to pre order your wetsuit and collect it on the day of the event. Sailfish will have a stall at the Monster Swim for you to collect and return hired wetsuits, they will also be offering you the chance to purchase your wetsuit for a reduced rate.
To hire your wetsuit please go to:

Please note that you will not be able to organise hire once at Monster Swim.

Non-Wetsuit Participation

To qualify for the Monster Swim non-wetsuit category you will need to apply to the organisers of the event and be able to provide either;

To qualify for the Monster Swim non-wetsuit category you will need to apply to the organisers of the event and be able to provide either;

a) Proof of swimming for:

  • 60 minutes in 16°C water
  • 30 minutes in 13°C water

These swims must be signed off by a qualified person such as a swim coach or swimming club captain. For an example letter please email


b) Attend a qualification swim on the Friday 12th August 2011 preceding the event where your abilities will be evaluated by the organisers.

Please Note: If you are in any doubt of your tolerance levels, then we would suggest that you arrange to bring a wetsuit along to ensure that you can take part in the swim on the day

Race Day Facilities

On the day there will be registration, changing and bag drop tents. There will be concession stands where you can purchase food and drinks. The excellent and friendly Dores Inn is situated next to the start and finish line. It serves good quality locally produced food and a wide selection of drinks.

Race Entry Includes:

Race entry includes an official event swim hat, race medal, event t-shirt, a free entry into a prize draw to win a free SwimTrek swimming holiday, a nice warm drink on exiting the water and last but not least the knowledge that you have successfully swum Loch Ness (Priceless!).