David Samuel – Director

image: S.Nolan

David’s background is both rich and amusingly diverse.
Having spent over 20 years in the entertainment industry initially as a performer and later as director of productions all over the globe, he is well placed to find you that extra theatricality that maybe required for your event to leave a lasting impression.
His interest in commercial theatre led him to working on many conferences over the years both B2B and B2C but his time was focused on the entertainment & presentation aspects – including AV. Following his years in the West End theatre, David was headhunted to run his own dance company in Russia which he quickly turned commercially-around for the stakeholders and was then invited to develop their restaurant and nightclub chain.
In 1996 David, as a keen Waterman, developed an event called the “Paddle Round The Pier Beach festival” which has since (under the management of DSA) grown into Europe’s largest free beach festival.
Two years on and back in Russia he was once again headhunted into a more administrative role as project manager of a floating entertainment complex dealing with budgets of $3.5m – all the time as a sideline putting-out small scale events in Moscow and Yekaterinburg for the same company. Based on his success in events (and after initially turning away numerous inquiries from potential clients),
David decided to form David Samuel Associates, drawing on his broad-base of friends & contacts within the industry.  He now resides back in his home city of Brighton, UK with his wife and two children and spends much of his spare time playing in the ocean or on motorbikes. He also writes for various water sports magazines, the occasional theatre production and is a school governor at his local primary school.

Des Silverson

Des holds more experience than the rest of the associates put together when it comes to water safety planning and management. He comes from a family of long standing lifeboat men and was personally on the lifeboat crew for 25 years. For 20 of those years he was helm of the inshore lifeboat. What Des doesn’t know about operating RIBs and rescue craft doesn’t bare thinking about.

He also has 12 years experience as a coastguard, 9 as deputy station officer, 2 as station officer. So when it comes to planning and risk assessments, there is very little Des has not seen!

Exploiting his collective skills of operating rescue craft, search and rescue and incident management DSA have got it covered. Des has a list of relevant qualifications longer than a ships log including,  Advanced powerboat instructor with safety boat, PWC instructor, Dinghy instructor with keelboat, Yachtmaster theory, Dayskipper practical, Commercial endorsement, Long range marine radio licence, need we go on?

Des has run water safety for events such as the infamous “Birdman”, Euro-Enduro SUP race, Sea swims, Maritime Marathon and is chief water safety officer for the Paddle Round The Pier Beach Festival.