Total Event Management

David Samuel Associates represents a no nonsense approach to your event requirements. Although we specialise in bespoke event conceptions for our clients, DSA also has extensive experience in cultivating established events, further realising their potential in footfall and income streams. The policy at DSA is to ensure every event is produced in a direct, straightforward manner ensuring clients have a stress-free and enjoyable time working with us.

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Swimming Race

We hosted some huge participation swimming events at Paddle Round the Pier in recent years with full water safety back up

At Paddle Round The PIer

Paddle Round The Pier

Annual Charity Beach Festival in Brighton with 50,000 visitors.

Brighton Big Balls

Brighton Big Balls Charity Run

Brighton Pride

Security and Event Logistics at the Gay Village Party

Sport Relief 2014

Organising Brighton’s Sport relief contribution in 2014

Keeping People Happy and Safe.